Why SEO is not dead





Is SEO dead? Reasons why Calgary SEO is dead? This kind of notion is trying to spread on the net like a disease with no cure. 7 years back from this date, possibly the first time that such a claim was heard.
What guys should try to understand is that SEO has not even achieved half the potential it promises. Some say that the “old SEO” is dead and the “new SEO” is very much alive. What many people don’t understand is that SEO is changing to something more professional than it started out as.
If we get to understand what SEO is may be we will understand why it is much more alive and kicking than ever.
Search engine optimization, is definitely a procedure used to optimize web content so as to create very favorable conditions for the content to attract people or clients that eventually makes it appear on the top positions of the search engine. There are various factors to be considered to successfully achieve optimization for a particular content on the internet. Traditionally content had keyword manipulated so that when it was searched on Google platform it appears on the first page and for that reason there were so much unprofessional and sperm content on the net. It was really frustrating as it was very hard to find what you really wanted. As we know technology grows fast the internet will grow twice as fast, with the rise of social media people easily get to share information. When one gets a useful information at a certain web page, it is easily shared among the people he or she has contact with this will lead to more traffic on that particular site and therefore that particular link gets its ranking no thanks to a particular key word.

Reasons why SEO is not dead
Definitely content is here to stay, and the internet is build on the premise of content development. And for the content to be seen by a larger number of people then it means that the content still needs to be optimized.

Social media has continue to expand, and because social media connects more people together new companies are doing great connecting there business to the social media.

The power has definitely switched to the user; this is so because the consumer has continued to get skills on how to utilize the search engine.

Instead of trying to cheat the consumer with thin and useless contents, developers now have a way to understand how to make content that the consumer happy. This is the idea that developers should understand how SEO has changed.

I can confidently tell you that SEO has never been alive than now. The way SEO used to operate in the past is definitely gone, as the market for content continuously increases demand for quality and useful content also increases. As you definitely know it is survival for the fittest, MRC SEO Company will always dynamically change and if you are attentive enough you will learn how it is changing and you will definitely